Positive values make a difference in kid’s lives!

  • Annabelle is a 2nd grader who is excited about starting school. She wants to be the very best at everything she sets out to accomplish. Mrs. Mitchell, her teacher, gives their class an apple research project to work on in class with a group of classmates. Annabelle gets paired with Sally who has been mean to her in the past and has teased her. Although Annabelle tries to step up to the challenge, Sally makes her feel uneasy and frustrated with the group. On the first day of working together, Annabelle goes home in defeat, in need of refueling. He mom gives her a pep talk and well-needed wisdom. Annabelle returns to school the next day with newfound confidence to fight off the unpleasant situation. She puts into action “Operation Kindness.” CHARACTER EDUCATION TRAITS FOCUS: • Positive Attitude • Friendship • Tolerance • Encouragement • Kindness • Courage Download our bulk order form.
  • As school continues, Annabelle finds herself very busy filled with energy and drive. She welcomes being a Youth Committee Member for the Fall Festival at Melville School. As she works on her contribution of Arts and Crafts, she gets together a few friends to assist her. She hooks up with Lila, who turns out to be a very reliable source after Annabelle injures her ankle in P.E. Class. Annabelle, who has never missed a day of school in her life, reluctantly hands over the reins of control to Lila. Annabelle had to trust in Lila to do an amazing job, just as she would have done. CHARACTER EDUCATION TRAITS FOCUS: • Excellence • Wisdom • Acceptance • Preparedness • Organization • Cooperation • Empathy • Trust • Gratitude Download our bulk order form.
  • As Mrs. Mitchell plans a Social Studies Unit on Veterans of our Country, Annabelle comes up with many great ideas which are used. Annabelle is placed with another group of students including Victoria, who is a little boastful and conceited. Annabelle takes the lead and moves the group along to complete their task. Later she attends two  Drama Classes with Victoria and really gets to see her unpleasant side as she gives inappropriate comments towards Mrs. Phillips, the Drama Teacher. Annabelle goes on the defense and the rest of the class is not very fond of Victoria either. She ends up storming out of the Drama class feeling that she is not wanted. Annabelle starts to feel bad about the whole situation. She later talks to Victoria as a friend and convinces her to come back to Drama Class. Annabelle and Victoria pair up again during a trip to a Veterans Center, where Annabelle was able to make a positive breakthrough. CHARACTER EDUCATION TRAITS FOCUS: • Empathy • Leadership • Respect • Kindness • Patriotic • Sensitivity • Friendship Download our bulk order form.
  • At Melville School, they are preparing for their annual Holiday Bash, which later gets