//Amazing Annabelle and the Apple Celebration (Ebook)

Amazing Annabelle and the Apple Celebration (Ebook)


Annabelle is a 2nd grader who is excited about starting school. She wants to be the very best at everything she sets out to accomplish. Mrs. Mitchell, her teacher, gives their class an apple research project to work on in class with a group of classmates. Annabelle gets paired with Sally who has been mean to her in the past and has teased her. Although Annabelle tries to step up to the challenge, Sally makes her feel uneasy and frustrated with the group. On the first day of working together, Annabelle goes home in defeat, in need of refueling. He mom gives her a pep talk and well-needed wisdom. Annabelle returns to school the next day with newfound confidence to fight off the unpleasant situation. She puts into action “Operation Kindness.”

• Positive Attitude
• Friendship
• Tolerance
• Encouragement
• Kindness
• Courage

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This book teaches kids to not let unpleasant circumstances in school stop you from doing and being your very best. It also teaches kids to try to be as positive and kind as you can when dealing with difficult students and always stand your ground. No one should ever feel as if they are not valuable and important in any kind of group setting.

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