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Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival


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As school continues, Annabelle finds herself very busy filled with energy and drive. She welcomes being a Youth Committee Member for the Fall Festival at Melville School. As she works on her contribution of Arts and Crafts, she gets together a few friends to assist her. She hooks up with Lila, who turns out to be a very reliable source after Annabelle injures her ankle in P.E. Class. Annabelle, who has never missed a day of school in her life, reluctantly hands over the reins of control to Lila. Annabelle had to trust in Lila to do an amazing job, just as she would have done.

• Excellence
• Wisdom
• Acceptance
• Preparedness
• Organization
• Cooperation
• Empathy
• Trust
• Gratitude

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This book teaches kids that even though unexpected injuries may cause you to sit out of the game for a while, the show must still go on. It’s important to have a back-up plan and trust others to make good decisions in your place when necessary.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival

  1. Nancy Woodward

    “Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival by Linda Taylor is the second book in a series of books about a young girl with an abundance of spirit and determination. When Annabelle is chosen to run the craft booth at the at the Fall Festival, she is left to organize a committee of classmates who will be willing to work hard and bring her ideas to life. After an accident that makes Annabelle unable to run the committee, Annabelle worries if the people she has chosen are capable of finishing what was started.
    “This book has a well thought out theme that children can relate to. The rich vocabulary used by the author enhances the text. It challenges the reader and allows the reader to naturally develop their vocabulary. Readers can easily relate to the characters in the story and will eagerly await the next book in the Amazing Annabelle series.”
    —Nancy Woodward, Reading Specialist

  2. Delfina Hennep

    “The author, Linda Taylor, has captured the essence of Amazing Annabelle, a young inspiring African American student, who has supportive friends and family to help her creatively problem solve.
    “She takes you through her day-to-day experiences in school with her friends and celebrate different seasons, holidays and cultural events. Amazing Annabelle is a realistic fictional series that all young readers should read and enjoy!”
    —Delfina Hennep, Speech Therapist

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