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Amazing Annabelle–Black History Month


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During the month of February, Mrs. Mitchell’s class celebrates Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and the 100th day of school. For Black History Month, the class is doing an Interactive Black History Museum, which requires research on famous African Americans. For Valentine’s Day, each student will choose a classmate as their secret valentine and create a special card for them. A conflict on the bus arises as students try to find out everyone else’s secret valentine.

• Knowledge Sharing
• Integrity
• Responsibility
• Forgiveness
• Dependability
• Empathy
• Motivation
• Trust

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This book brings attention to important information about African Americans in our history. It also teaches kids the importance of both keeping a secret and friendship ties.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Black History Month

  1. Nadia Evans

    “Amazing Annabelle is awesome yet again! Black History Month is a new addition to the series about Annabelle, an above average students who loves to learn about new things. Whether it’s learning about famous African Americans, prepping for the 100th day of school, or making Valentine’s Day cards, Annabelle and her friends are charming and educational. Readers of chapter books will enjoy this well-written series!”
    —Nadia Evans, Writer

  2. Andrea Gobourne

    “Annabelle and her classmates engage in an informative Black History lesson and activity prepared by their teacher, which sparks a very interesting conversation on the bus. Each student has chosen a famous African American to portray for an Interactive Black History Museum, which is their Social Studies activity for February.
    “I think it’s awesome that young students are learning about their culture and history. It’s equally important that they’re learning about famous African Americans who have played such an important part in American history.
    “Amazing Annabelle is such a loving, sweet, confident, and energetic child! I love how she overcomes and resolves conflicts as well as encourages her classmates. Her wonderful caring spirit is captivating and will warm everyone’s heart. Amazing Annabelle is an awesome example for children everywhere to admire and respect.”
    —Andrea Gobourne, Paraprofessional

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