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Amazing Annabelle–Earth Month and Animal Celebrations


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The month of April begins, and Mrs. Mitchell’s class is preparing their projects for Earth Month. As Annabelle makes a suggestion for an added activity, she is met with opposition from a student in her class. But an unexpected classmate defends her and ends up losing a friend. Other students additionally weigh in on both sides. Preparations are also underway for an awesome Animal Science project that includes arts and crafts and writing poetry.

• Encouragement
• Knowledge Sharing
• Ingenuity
• Respect for Culture
• Motivation
• Creativity
• Dignity
• Responsibility
• Dependability
• Gratitude

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This book teaches kids that if you have an idea, share it, even if everyone is not in your cheering section. Believe in yourself and your amazing gifts and share them with the world!

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Earth Month and Animal Celebrations

  1. Delfina Hennep

    “Amazing Annabelle is a spunky African American child who is far beyond her years and understands self-discipline, random acts of kindness, and the importance of friendships.
    “In this book, as Annabelle gets an assignment for Earth Month and her science unit, she embraces them both with an open and creative mindset by putting her best foot forward.
    “This wonderful book also shows adults creative ways to teach students to learn as they view the awesome activities Mrs. Mitchell gives to her class. This book should be on every student’s reading list!”
    —Delfina Hennep, Speech Therapist

  2. Bernice Brazier

    “Amazing Annabelle Earth Month and Animal Celebrations is one of my favorite books yet! I love her spirit and how she’s not afraid to speak her mind when she has a good idea to share, even if everyone doesn’t like it.
    “Annabelle shows silent strength through adversity. She doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her creativity. Annabelle shows us that we should always believe in ourselves no matter what other people say or think.”
    —Bernice Brazier, Paraprofessional

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