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Amazing Annabelle–Last Month of School


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Mrs. Mitchell’s class is involved with the final two Science units, the Solar System and The Food Pyramid, as well as many other end-of-the-year activities. Annabelle has feelings of gratefulness and sadness at the same time. She overcomes her fear of the dark as her class visits the Planetarium. Annabelle is chosen to read her poem at the Flag Day Ceremony and she writes a special Father’s Day poem for her dad which is shared in class. Although Annabelle has mixed feelings throughout the month, she still manages to have an amazing time.

• Knowledge Sharing
• Pride
• Patriotic
• Encouragement

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This book draws attention to all of the fun end-of-year activities that students should embrace and look forward to. Always make the best of situations even until the very end. Memories are sweet, indeed.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Last Month of School

  1. Sheri Ferdinando

    “Amazing Annabelle, Last Month of School is the next to last story in this 11 book series featuring tenacious and amazing Annabelle. This book highlights the exciting activities that Annabelle participates in at the close of the school year. It also touches on the rollercoaster of emotions that this young character has as she challenges herself to overcome fears and unfamiliar situations. You are in for quite a treat as Annabelle shares her poetic strengths in this culminating book. Annabelle is nothing short of AMAZING!
    —Sheri Ferdinando, 5th Grade Teacher

  2. Andrea Goubourne

    “As school is almost over for Amazing Annabelle, there is still a lot of awesome learning taking place in Mrs. Mitchell’s class. They are learning about the solar system, the food pyramid, and celebrating Flag Day and Father’s Day. It’s such a great experience to visualize the amazing lessons that take place in Annabelle’s classroom. Sometimes I wish I were a student in Mrs. Mitchell’s class!”
    —Andrea Goubourne, Paraprofessional

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