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As the month of January begins, Mrs. Mitchell introduces her class to the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through discussions and media. Mrs. Phillips, the drama teacher, created a short skit about a historic event during the Civil Rights Movement that involved Dr. King and Rosa Parks. As the students recreate the skit, it sparks a deeper conversation about the Civil Rights Movement, segregation, and the different mindsets that existed during that time period. Annabelle works together with her group to create a project that honors the life and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King.

• Honesty
• Cooperation
• Knowledge Sharing
• Integrity
• Respect
• Pride
• Truthfulness
• Humility
• Excellence

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This book brings attention to the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and why we celebrate his accomplishments on his special national holiday.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  1. Karen Littell

    “Amazing Annabelle’s class is learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We follow along as Annabelle and her classmates use 21st century skills like cooperation, creativity, communication, and problem-solving as they honor his ideals and his special day.
    “This book provides young readers with valuable lessons about justice and unity as they learn about the historic bus boycott with Rosa Parks during the Civil Rights Movement. The author deftly mines her own experiences as a teacher to create diverse and relatable characters that prime readers for this ongoing series.”
    —Karen Littell, Principal

  2. Nadia Evans

    “Annabelle and her schoolmates go about learning as much as they can about Martin Luther King Jr. not only during class, but also in Drama Club, during the month of January. To celebrate the accomplishments of this great man, and others who fought against segregation, like Rosa Parks, Annabelle and her friends go through an interactive classroom museum, study, write poems, and finally get to act out a special play for the whole school, and parents and friends.
    “Readers who have enjoyed Annabelle in the other books in the series must read Martin Luther King Day Jr. Day to follow along in her discovery about an important period in the U.S.”
    —Nadia Evans, Writer

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