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Amazing Annabelle–May Celebrations


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Mrs. Mitchell’s class is preparing for a Fiesta as they study about Mexican culture and traditions. Annabelle and Jamal were paired together as they practiced the Mexican Hat Dance during Drama Club. A rumor started circulating about Annabelle and Jamal and they both noticed a lot of snickering and laughing as they looked at other students. Annabelle finally learns the truth from Kaitlyn and becomes very upset. She confronts Julia and gets to the bottom of things.

• Respect for Culture
• Knowledge Sharing
• Tolerance
• Perseverance
• Prudence
• Empathy
• Forgiveness
• Dignity

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This book teaches kids that rumors and lies can be very hurtful to others, and what you may think is funny may not be funny to someone else. Apology is always the best policy.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–May Celebrations

  1. Lauren Kiszenik

    “Amazing Annabelle: May Celebrations is about a brave and exhilarating student named Annabelle. She is excited about all the fun that takes place during the month of May. You can feel the end of the year vibes while reading this book!
    “Young readers can easily relate to Annabelle and her journey in school. The positive energy, powerful lessons, and memorable celebrations will have you eagerly waiting to read the next book in the series!”
    —Lauren Kiszenik, Special Ed teacher

  2. Delfina Hennep

    “In this Amazing Annabelle multicultural story, great awareness of Mexican culture is highlighted and celebrated to the fullest. Once again we see Amazing Annabelle activating “Operation Kindness” as she works with two of her classmates on a project about Mexican culture.
    “Annabelle is such an awesome role model for students everywhere. She has such a positive mindset and great determination to see situations work out for good. Amazing Annabelle is one of a kind.”
    —Delfina Hennep, Speech Therapist

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