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Amazing Annabelle–Summer Vacation


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The Copeland family kicks off the summer with their first pool party with family and friends. Annabelle is excited about attending camp and sees many of her friends from school at Great Bay Camp. Annabelle, Kaitlyn, and Adele stick together like three peas in a pod. To their surprise and excitement, Mrs. Phillips took a job at the camp this summer to teach a drama club! As the girls encounter teasing and bullying at camp, Annabelle and her friends prevail, but Annabelle still feels a little uneasy.

• Courage
• Wisdom
• Organization
• Forgiveness
• Leadership

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This book teaches kids to stand up for themselves but also tell an adult when someone is bothering you. Conflicts should be dealt with so everyone feels comfortable wherever they are.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Summer Vacation

  1. Moira Haltigan

    “Amazing Annabelle’s summer is chock- full of celebrations and creative activities, thanks to her tight knit family and strong circle of friends. Whether it’s the family pool party or the Copeland’s Annual Fourth of July celebration, it is evident that “Team Copeland” loves one another and enjoys spending time together.
    “Annabelle’s adventures in Camp great Bay with her best friends Kaitlyn and Adele, show “girl power” at its best! Together the girls show strength and courage as they face adversity by standing up to some older girls who are mean to them. They also learn important lessons about trying new things, always doing your best, and realizing that life is not a competition.
    “The Amazing Annabelle series is a celebration of family, friends, and life.”
    —Moira Haltigan, Assistant Principal

  2. Barbara Barile

    “Students going to camp will really appreciate this Amazing Annabelle story. This book is an easy and fun read that highlights the wide variety of activities that take place during an awesome camp experience as well as making new friends! I love the way realistic fiction is portrayed with such vibrant details.”
    —Barbara Barile, Paraprofessional

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