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Amazing Annabelle–Thank You Veterans!


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As Mrs. Mitchell plans a Social Studies Unit on Veterans of our Country, Annabelle comes up with many great ideas which are used. Annabelle is placed with another group of students including Victoria, who is a little boastful and conceited. Annabelle takes the lead and moves the group along to complete their task. Later she attends two  Drama Classes with Victoria and really gets to see her unpleasant side as she gives inappropriate comments towards Mrs. Phillips, the Drama Teacher. Annabelle goes on the defense and the rest of the class is not very fond of Victoria either. She ends up storming out of the Drama class feeling that she is not wanted. Annabelle starts to feel bad about the whole situation. She later talks to Victoria as a friend and convinces her to come back to Drama Class. Annabelle and Victoria pair up again during a trip to a Veterans Center, where Annabelle was able to make a positive breakthrough.

• Empathy
• Leadership
• Respect
• Kindness
• Patriotic
• Sensitivity
• Friendship

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This book teaches kids that you can’t judge others just because they don’t line up with your way of thinking. We have to respect the differences of others, even if they’re different from us. Sometimes it’s good to have a friendly conversation with others that are not necessarily our closest friends. You may be surprised at the positive connections that can be made.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Thank You Veterans!

  1. Meredith Szypot

    “Three cheers for Amazing Annabelle! Young readers will delight in getting to know this lovely, bright young lady. Annabelle has a strong self-esteem and her positivity is contagious. Linda Taylor has done a wonderful job of creating a character for young readers to look up to and aspire to be like.
    “Annabelle handles adversity with integrity and wisdom. Readers will gain priceless life lessons from the Amazing Annabelle Series. These books are heart-warming, entertaining, and a treat for readers of all ages.”
    —Meredith Szypot, 4th Grade Teacher

  2. Mary Rettaliatta

    “The books so well present real situations in which students find themselves in terms of inter-relationships with one another. They acknowledge their feelings and work through them.
    “The books are an easy read with strong vocabulary and wonderful family nuances. I love the wholesomeness of the books.”
    —Mary Rettaliatta, Asst. Superintendent

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