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Amazing Annabelle–Women’s History Month


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During the month of March, there is a lot of talk about leprechauns, and Mrs. Mitchell does a short unit on Irish culture and traditions. In Drama Club, the girls are getting ready to audition for three short plays about famous women as they celebrate Women’s History Month. A lot of research is taking place as well as anxious and nervous feelings about the outcome of the auditions.

• Truthfulness
• Preparedness
• Knowledge Sharing
• Determination
• Honesty
• Humility
• Prudence

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This book brings attention to the accomplishments of three famous women. It also teaches kids that sometimes we have to play the hand we’re dealt in life and have humility.

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2 reviews for Amazing Annabelle–Women’s History Month

  1. Maggie Killeen

    “Amazing Annabelle is a strong, spunky, open-minded role model for everyone. In this book Annabelle models a strong sense of self when she decides to audition for the role of Oprah Winfrey, a famous woman to whom she feels she can relate. Annabelle displays humility and compassion as she is chosen to play this role.
    “This book brings attention to many other famous women in history who have paved the way for others through their awesome accomplishments. I love the way their teacher turns topics into fun learning experiences.
    “I also love the playful talk of leprechauns and how Mrs. Mitchell decides to make it educational by having the class do research on the topic! I recommend that the entire Amazing Annabelle series be read by students everywhere! They will really gain a lot of great lessons from each and every book.”
    —Maggie Killeen, Teacher

  2. Pam Doughty

    “Once again Linda Taylor’s Amazing Annabelle character rises to the occasion with another awesome story! The illustrations bring the story to life so well! In this book I love the way the month of March is presented and celebrated. The positive learning experiences are created and shared in a most engaging and enjoyable story filled with fun learning experiences for all!
    “Women’s History Month may be one of my favorites yet! Hats off to you, Linda! Keep the adventures coming!”
    —Pam Doughty, Teacher

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